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Help For Psorisis, Eczema, Pains


Herbs to clear toxic "heat"               -- & Colon Cancer


By Dr. Hong Chen (over 20 years experienced)


Eczema, Psoriasis, Sun Allergies, Hives, Rash, Acne, Itchy, Skin Cancer, Lupus, Shingles and other skin problems are not just caused by the skin itself, although it manifests on the skin. Their occurrence and development are intimately connected to the function of the body's organs as well as the toxin levels carried by the blood (known as toxic "heat"). if blood over-heated it will find release through the skin and accumulates in meridians of skin, so the affected skin appears rash, itchy...which means showing an abnormal redness of the skin resulting from congestion of small capillaries. Skin problems can be caused by internal pathogenic such as heat (such as Psoriasis, Acne), dampness(such as Eczema), wind(such as Hives) or a mixture of them (such as Shingles), and imbalance immune function of the body (such as Cancer, Lupus). The heat and dryness of wind invade the body, leading to blood dryness so that it is unable to provide nourishment to the skin. This lack of nourishment leads to dry and itching skin, or along with white scaly lesions. The differentiation of these causes can be distinguished by both observation and assessment of symptoms of the affected area - redness, itching, scaling, etc. The pulse is also affected, while the color, shape and coating of the tongue form part of the assessment.


In the West, there is a lack of effective medical treatment for these skin deseases. Fortunately, they do respond very well to Chinese herbs.


Diagnosis and Treatment


Although skin problems can have different pathogenic factors, noted above, emotional stress, supressed immune system and allergic reaction also plays a crucial role in the development of skin diseases.With Canadian patients, we usually see more wind, heat, dryness, or dampness types of skin diseases because of the body systems' reaction to the external environment. Each person responds differently to these environmental conditions.In the same way, people respond differently to stress caused by lifestyle, working condition, even family problems, while psoriasis is related tightly with stress. Similarly, people have different sensitive degree of allergies caused by pollen, dust, sunlight, foods and pollution etc., observed obviously in eczema, hives and sun allergies. Some researches have demonstrated insufficient of over active immune functionn caused by suppressed or immbalance immune system is a main cause for skin cancer or any kinds of cancer and lupus.This is why there are so many different pathogenic factors and combinations, hence necessary to adapt different remedies to treat different type of skin disease.


Treatment for skin diseases involves cleansing blood heat, moistening blood dryness, enhancing spleen function, eliminating emotional stress, anti-allergiess, and building up or balance the immune functions. Some natural Chinese herbs, with specialized combinations, are used internally and externally to provide relief, while other herbs are used to adjust and improve the body's internal functions. This traditional Chinese medicine approach has been tested and improved over thousands of years, and also enhanced by today's technongy. For normal cases, skin problems can be treated successfully and rapidly by dosing with several sets of Chinese herbs. However, chronic cases may need a longer course of treatment. The body accepts these herbs in the same way as it does food, and there are no side-effects if prescribed by a knowledgeable practitioner.


Case 1 of Eczema: Daniel is one year old. He had suffered from eczema since he was born. He was allergic milk. And his father had been also plagued with eczema on his whole body for over ten years. Following an assessmint, I determined that Daniel and his father had extreme blood heat and dampness with wind caused by internal problems. This blood heat sought release through the skin, accumulated there, leading to blood stagnation. I used herbs such as JinJie, YiRen, DanPi etc. to remove blood heat, dampness and wind, and some herbs such as WuMei with function for anti-allergies. Following one session, their itching was much decreased. Finally their eczema disappeared after over ten weeks of treatment. Then they had continuously taken the heral juice for othe few weeks so as to maintain their well being and to prevent eczema fromm recurrence.


Case 2 of Psoriasis:  Ken had been plagued with psoriasis on his head, body and hands for over fifteen years. The itching disrupted his work and lifestyle, and he felt a lot of stress and embarrass. Due ot the itching he frequently scratched the white scaly lesions on his skin. He had received various western medicines, but experienced no improvement. Following my assessment I found his vital Chi (energy and immune function) to be insufficient, while his spleen and kidneys were weak.This indicated a mixture of pathogenic heat of wind, dryness of wind and dampness, damaged vital Chi, blood and organs. I concluded that his vital Chi and immunity needed to be restored. Through the use of the herbs BaiSu, etc., the function of his spleen and kidneys became stronger. To clean away heat, remove dampness, to expel wind, to moisten dryness and to cool the blood, Ken took SenDi, TuFuLin, FanFeng, etc. herbs. HeHuanHua was used to combat stress. Following his first session, he slept well, the itching and scaling lessened, and hes stress levels improved. His psoriasis disappeared after 15 weeks of treatment. he continues to take another eight weeks of the herbs to enhance his well-bing. Now, over year later, his skin still is fine.

Case 3 of Acne: Alex,25, was plagued with with acne for 8 years. The acne on his face affected his appearance a lot. He had constipation and also consumed a lot of junk food and chocolate etc. Through a consultation I found that his digestion system and lungs accumulated a lot of heat and dampness. The accumulation of heat and dampness is released up to the surface of the face, back or chest through the skin and accumulates as acne. For a clean digestion system and lung heat we used such herbs as CuanJun, PiPaYie, etc. The body accepts herbs as food, so that dietary wastes and produced heat toxins etc. that aggravate acne can be eliminated. Herbs such as ZiMu, CeXie, etc. are used to balance the kidneys' Ying Yang and hormone system because kidneys are in charge of the heat, dampness and hormone system of the body. After he took the herbs for the prescribed period of time, his acne get improved and finally disappeared.

 Case 4 of Insomnia: Bruce 38, had suffered from insomnia with stress and migraines for 5 years. He can not sleeps whole night with tired. I used special herbs to balance her inner organs' functions such as DaZao, XiaoMai, etc. and employed acupuncture to help his stress and migraine. This treatment can calm the nerves, restore peace of mind, and remove stagnation of the liver Chi and heat. After 1 sessions, he can sleep 5 hours. After 6 sessions, He sleeps 7-9 hours with more energy. His migraines & stress have disappeared.

Case 5 of Fibromyalgia, Fatigue, Weak, Migraine, Stress, Insomnia, Pains : Carl, 55, had been plagued with pain, stiffness in affected parts of whole body muscles and some joints for 20 years. In particular, his shoulders and lower back were painful with headache. He felt weak, tired and stress withe bad sleep. Chinese herbs include QinJu and HaiFengTen etc. to clear heat and drive away toxins and dampness. For Chinese Tuina massage and Shiatsu with Chi-kung and Acupuncture treatment, I used very specific points to open his blocked meridians and drive away stagnant Chi and restore good circulation, so as to relieve his pains and relax muscles and at the same time help to restore self-harmony(immune functions), balance total body health and improve the internal organs functions. Acupuncture and herbs also enhances liver and kidney functions, because for bone strength is dependent of strong kidneys, while tendons and muscles depend on the liver and blood for nourishment. He responed well to this combination of therapies and following his symptoms and pains were relieved. He felt strong without tired, healthy without stress and slept well. He enjoye this treatment and his good health.

 Case 6 of Asthma(1): Mary, 45, has suffered from asthma for 10 years. her symptoms included dyspnea with wheezing and yellowish, mucoid sputum when coughing. The inhaler and drugs she used never relieved her ashma symptoms. She had suffered attacks five times emergency at hospital. I diagnosed her asthma as the heat type of wheezing symptoms. The treatment was based on eliminating the heat phlegm of the obstructed bronchi, so as to ventilate the bronchi of lungs and also facilitate the flow of lung energy to relieve asthma. I prescribed the herbs and , within a week, there was a big improvement. The yellowish mucoid sputum decreased and the wheezing symptoms were obviously improved. The asthma was relieved! The natural herbs that I used to remove heat phlegm were substances such as CenPi, BeiMu, etc. To relieve asthma, the herbs were substances such as XinRen, SanBaiPi, etc. other herbs, such as HuanQin, SheGan, etc. can be used to cool and expel heat in the lungs and moisten the bronchial airways. Following a further ten-week course of herbs, symptoms of ashma were gone.

Case 7 of Asthma(2): James, 22, had been plagued with asthma without wheezing for 15 years. He had suffered attacks every week, especially when swimming, running, etc. The inhaler he used four times a day for 15 years did relieve his asthma symptoms. However, because of the long-term use of the inhaler, he knows he consumed a lot of poisonous chemicals and  wanted to find a natural way to cure his asthma. His asthma belonged to deficient type of short breath symptoms. Treatment involved tonifying lungs and kidneys to balance energy. I used such herbs as TuSiZi, BaiSaSen, etc. These herbs strengthen the function of lungs and kidneys to keep a pure flow of Chi energy. As a result, asthma attacks were relieved. After he took the herbs for the prescribed four weeks, he did not use the inhaler any more, and he felt more energy. I told him: "You must take another two months of herbs for build-up to maintain your well being and to prevent asthma from recurrence." He followed my advice, now a few years have passed without a single asthma attack.

Case  8 of Allergies: Mr. Smith had suffered from allergies for five years. His symptoms included sneezing, runny nose, itchy throat, stress, fatigue and chest pain. Although he was using anti-histamine nose drops twice daily, his symptoms were not improving at all. Finally, he came to my clinic to try Chinese herbs. I Consulted and then prescribed about 16 different herbs to treat his allergy of nose. Allergies often arise from excess "heat" in the body, so herbs are selected which will cool the symptoms, and clear toxins from the organs and bloodstream. The herbs will also remove stagnant "Chi energy", helping to restore the flow of energy in the meridians. After he took the herbs for the prescribed period of time, his sneezing, runny nose, and itchy throat disappeared. He was not tired any more and feels a lot more energy. In addition, he is surprised by the fact that his chest pain disappeared, too. This is one of the examples of superiority of Chinese herbs, which can look after whole body health, without side effects.  

Case 9 of Stress and Insomnia: Lawyer Helen, 48, had suffered from stress and migreines for 5 years. She sleeps only 3 hours and was constantly tired. She was unable to concentrate on her work. Happiness comes from the heart, anger from the liver,  obsession from the spleen, anxiety from the lungs, and fear from the kidneys. When an element is troubled, its associated emotion can surface to announce an imbalance. I took the pulse of her various organs and meridians, and examined her tongue to help diagnoses. I used both acu-pressure which can open blocked meridian and enhanced the body's self-harmony (immune functions) and balance the body organs functions, and herbs including CaiHu, HuaiXiaoMai, etc. which can enhance the life force of the body and help it reach balance. This treatment can calm the nerves, promote sleep, and restore peace of mind, and remove stagnation of the liver Chi. After six sessions, she sleeps 9 hours and had more energy, her migraines and stress have disappeared.


Case 10 of Poor Vision: 1. Hu Xin, 9yrs, both sight: 0.3, sight after wearing glasses: o.6. Following a course of acupuncture and herbs, her vision improved up to a standard 1.0 (normal). 2. Allen, 28yrs. His left sight: 0.1(very weak), right sight: 1.0 (standard). He can not wear glasses because there is a big difference in ametropia between his eyes. Following an eye examination I used acupuncture and Chi Gong to improve his vision. With each session his left sight improve and, finally, it increased to a standard 1.0, normal. Ali, 58yrs. His both sight: 0.5 (0.6 after wearing glasses). With each acupuncture and herbs treatment his both vision increased up to a standard 1.0 without glasses. As these case histories demonstrate, acupuncture and herbs have a latent capacity and special place for treatment of vision problems. Acupuncture can promote the Chi energy running through the eyes, optic nerves, and visual centre channels by stimulation of the acu-points in these areas. This treatment will also activate stagnant Chi, helping to restore the energy flow within the eyes' meridians, as a result poor vision getting improved.

Case 11 of Colon Cancer: Two years before, Mr. David (49yrs) was diagnosed colon cancer. He had operation and a session chemotherapy. One year later, he had a colonoscope check, it was found one small cancer. He wants found other way to help. Following my assessment I found his "Zheng Chi and Yang of kidneys" (know as vitality energy concerned with immune system) is very weak because it was damaged from cancer toxins. Through used the herbs such as HuanQi, BuGuZi, the functions of his "Yang of kidneys" became stronger. To anti-cancer, he tood some herbs such as BaiHuaCao, ZhongLou, etc., which has been proved their anti-cancer effective by modern scientific technology. This therapy is only aimed at cancer cells without side-effects. Therefore, it can treat all kinds of cancer who failed in other terapies. While Cactus, BaiSu, etc. were used to enhance and active his vitality energy and immune functions such as increase T-cells count, etc. because the immune functions of cancer patients are always lower and restrained. After nine months, he had colonoscope check that small cancer disappeared. He felt stronger. Then he had continuously taken the herbs so as to maintain his well being and to prevent cancer from recurrence and metastasis. We have had many successful cases such as cancer of lungs, liver, lymphoma, breasts, colon, stomach, blood, prostate, womb, urinary bladder, etc.

Case 12 of breast cancer: Two years before, Mr. Wang (48yrs) was diagnosed left breast cancer and had been operated. After 4 months later, she found 2 small tumors on her armpit, 5 small tumors in right breast and one small tumor on left neck. Following CT scan check, she was diagnosed metastasis cancers. She didn't want operation again. Following my assessment I found she "Zheng Chi and Yang of kidneys" (known as vitality energy concerned with immune system) is very weak because it was damaged from cancer toxic etc. Through used the herbs such as Huan Jin, Bu Gu Zhi, the functions of her "Yang of kidneys" became stronger. To anti-cancer, she took some herbs such as Bai Hua Cao, Zhong Lou, etc., which has been proved their anti-cancer effective by modern scientific technology. This therapy is only aimed at cancer cells and safety. So it can treat all kinds of cancer patients who failed in operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy in naturally without side-effected. While Cactus, Bai Su, etc. were used to enhance and active her immunity such as increase T cells count because immune system of cancer patient always is restrained and vitality energy. After two months, her tumors were shrink smaller. After another six months, her tumors were disappeared. She felt stronger. The CT scan shows normal. She still took two years herbs and had two times CT scan. All is normal. We have had many successful cases such as cancer of lungs, liver, breasts, colon, stomach, blood, prostate, womb, etc.

Case 13 of skin cancer: Mrs. Mariana has afflicted with malignant melanoma on her face. Following my assessment I found her "Zheng Chi and Yang of kidneys" (known as vitality energy concerned with immune system) is very weak. In fact, she became very thin and her hands and feet always feel cold and also easy to got flu that indicates the presence of internal extremely cold of body and "Yang of kidneys" is insufficiency and immunity needed to be restored. Through used the herbs such as Yany He Ye, Bu Gu Zhi, the functions of her "Yang of kidneys" became stronger. She feels more energy, good appetite and can sleep nine hours. To anti-cancer, she took some herbs such as Bai Hua Cao, Zhong Lou, etc. This therapy is only aimed at cancer cells and thus ensures its safety. It can treat all kinds of cancer patients of advanced stage or who failed in operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, or with cancer ascites, pleura fluid, fever, ache, etc. in naturally without side-effected. While Cactus, San Yao, Bai Su, etc. were used to enhance her vitality energy and immunity. After twenty weeks treatment sessions, the cancer of her face was shrink 90%. After another ten weeks sessions, the cancer of her face disappeared. Now over two years past, she is very well, stronger not worry cancer any more.


Note:This article has been published on April 2000, issue of Vitality Magazine etc. For more information please contact Dr. Hong Chen at Chen Acupuncture Herbs Shiatsu Centre, 33 Lowbank (Steeles/Bestview(between Bayview and Leslie)/Harrington/Lowbank). Tel: 416 221-9074.